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Mountain States Phone Service Price Guide

Effective July 1, 2013 Charter Communications, Inc. ("Charter") acquired Bresnan Communications, Inc and subsidiary companies. This document is posted on Charter's website at www.charter.com/tariffs

1. Application

This document sets forth the services and rates applicable to furnishing voice services to residential customers by Bresnan Broadband companies (the "Company") as listed in the following states. Voice communication service may not be available in all areas of the state. Please refer to www.charter.com to find availability of service in your area.

State Company
Colorado Bresnan Broadband of Colorado, LLC
Montana Bresnan Broadband of Montana, LLC
Utah Bresnan Broadband of Utah, LLC
Wyoming Bresnan Broadband of Wyoming, LLC
2. Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions that are found in this Guide are in addition to those set forth in Charter Phone Terms and Conditions at www.charter.com/optimum. The following services are for residential, non-business use. The Company reserves the right to discontinue the use of services for Customer abuse (i.e. exceeding normal usage) or utilizing these packages for business purposes. No substitutions within these packages are permitted.

3. Charter Phone® Residential Service

Equipment/Installation one time charge

(Voice Enabled Modem included with Service for as long as customer maintains Charter Phone® service.)

Call 1-877-273-7626

Charter Phone®

34.95 each per month (Multi-Service discounts may apply)

Service offering is exclusive to Charter Internet customers. Includes unlimited Local and Long Distance calling minutes (intrastate and interstate), unlimited 411 Directory Assistance and Calling Services as listed following for primary lines. Unlimited long distance calling includes calls within the fifty (50) United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Anonymous Call Blocker Click to Call
Back Up Phone Directory Listing
Block Unwanted Callers Do Not Disturb
Busy Redial Enhanced Voice Mail
Call Forward-(All) Find Me
Call Forward-(Time of Day) Google Gadget
Call Forward-(Busy/No Answer) Private Outbound Calling
Caller ID RSS Feeds
Caller ID Blocking Three Way Calling
Call Return VIP Ringing
Call Waiting Voicemail
Call Waiting with Caller ID  

Charter Phone® $19.95 per month offering based on regular price of $34.95 per month, less the discount of $15 per month for subscribing to TV, internet and phone services at required levels. Customer must maintain all three services at the required levels to be eligible for the discount. Upon cancellation of any of these services during the one-year promotional period, or thereafter, any remaining service will be billed at its regular rate. Customers on promotional offers will receive the discount at the end of the promotional period. Installation fees may apply. Available to residential accounts in good standing only. Charter Phone® is a cable modem service available exclusively to Charter Internet® customers providing unlimited calling to the United States, Canada, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and requires Internet access via Charter Internet to complete activation. A Charter Phone®-ready cable modem will be provided for the term of your service. Upon cancellation of both the Charter Internet and Charter Phone® services, customer must return the modem or be subject to a non-return fee. If keeping your current phone number, a transfer charge may apply to residential accounts. Charter Phone® does not support directory listed numbers, pay services or third-party billing. Voicemail and International Calling require consumer activation via the Charter Phone® Homepage Web portal. International calls are billed via credit or debit card and a minimum charge is required at set-up. Flat rate international calling plan also available. Per minute charges apply for calls made to destinations in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada using remote access. Remote calls made from pay phones are subject to a $0.35 per call charge, in addition to the per-minute charge. Charter Phone® uses household electrical power to operate and will not function in the event of a power outage (a back-up battery can be purchased separately from Charter). 911 will not operate if you lose power or if your voice service or broadband connection is disconnected or disrupted. 911 service requires that customer provide notification to Charter if cable modem is moved to a different address. Charter does not support the use of any Charter Phone® service as a connection for (i) emergency medical alert systems, (ii) all high security monitoring systems (UL 681 or similar) or (iii) fire alarm systems (UL 864 or similar). Customer must maintain alternate phone connection for such connections.

Charter Phone® – Additional Line

This package service description is identical to the Company primary line offering above for additional lines, up to three additional phone numbers. Customer must subscribe to Unlimited Long Distance Package on the primary line.

$14.95 each per month

Charter Phone World Call

Charter Phone World Call available to Charter Voice customers. Call Forwarding, Call Forward Time of Day, Call Forward on Busy or No Answer & Find Me not available outside continental U.S. Multiple lines require a multiple-line modem. Charter Voice World Call available to Charter Phone® Voice customers. Residential accounts in good standing only. Monthly rate includes 250 minutes per monthly billing cycle of international calls, which includes up to 30 minutes of calling to Cuba per monthly billing cycle. Customers exceeding 250 total international minutes or 30 minutes to Cuba in a given monthly billing cycle will automatically be charged an additional $19.95 for an additional block of 250 minutes, which includes up to 30 minutes to Cuba for use that billing cycle month. Customers that use all of their 30 minutes to Cuba from their additional minute block will be blocked from calling Cuba until the beginning of their next billing cycle. Customers exceeding 500 minutes in a given billing cycle will have their international calling blocked and must wait until the start of their next billing cycle to resume international calling. Available only via direct dial from customer's Charter Voice phone. Remote dialing is not available. Calls to satellite phones and audiotext lines/destinations not available.

$19.95 per month

Charter Phone® International Per Minute Calling

Rates dependent upon destinations in PDF (If no separate rates the Landline rates are also the Mobile rates).

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